A look at the ''SNL'' MVP's best characters, including Target Lady and Penelope

Not all of Wiig’s new characters fly: ”I wrote one where I was a little Italian Mob boss who kept talking about the candy on his desk. Yeah, that one didn’t work.” Fortunately, she has these five fan favorites to fall back on.

Wiig’s overenthusiastic cashier was inspired by an actual Target employee. ”She didn’t walk away and she didn’t talk like that or look like that. She just said a word kind of funny that got me to talk that way.”

Wiig and two other SNL writers conceived the freaky sister in a Lawrence Welk-era girl group. ”It just snowballed into ‘Okay, how do we make her ugly? What if she had small hands and a big forehead?”’

”She obviously doesn’t make the faces that I do,” says Wiig about the Today cohost. ”I’ve exaggerated. I love that she just says whatever is on her mind.” Though with Michaela ”Hoda” Watkins gone, Wiig’s not sure when Kathie Lee will be back.

This outlandish braggart who constantly claims she’s done everything her friends have — and more — ”came from someone I know being a little bit of a one-upper…. What if we did someone who was just insane and is so obviously lying?”

At first, Wiig actually ate multiple cups of the ”digestive” Activia yogurt to spoof the actress’ ads. ”Then I told them it was a bad idea — that’s how I’m going to word that. It works. Now they fill it with regular yogurt.”