First the producers of highly anticipated (at least by me!) musical-romp Burlesque made the genius choice of casting Christina Aguilera. Then they added Cher. And now—as if the movie didn’t already sound dreamy enough — they’ve got Kristen Bell, too! It goes without saying that this movie sounds completely and utterly amazing, if for nothing but the cast alone. And, also, totally like a gay fever dream, too.

The Kristen Bell casting is especially enticing because of the sheer camp and catfight potential bottled up in her role. She’ll be playing Nikki (of course, stripper-ish people are always named “Nikki”), a character that The Hollywood Reporter says is “the loose-cannon lead dancer and main attraction at the club who spirals out of control when Aguilera’s character suddenly gets the spotlight.” I mean. I mean! Kristen Bell spiraling out of control? Fighting with Aguilera? Potentially being smacked down by club-owner Cher? Yes, yes, yes! Also this goes down in what’s being called a “neo-burlesque club.” What the hell is that? Who cares, I’m in.

With this amazing cast, though, I couldn’t help but think: Who else would be great in this movie? I mean, even if it were for those random-but-I’ve-got-a-sassy-line roles as backup burlesque dancers. Maybe, even, they’d get in on the catfight action between Aguilera and Bell.

So who would you nominate? I’ve got a few ideas, and I’m not gonna explain them. You can just take what you want from these names: Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, 90210‘s AnnaLynne McCord, and Madonna.

Now your turn. Share your picks below!

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