As a proud native of New Jersey (and a frequent user of Newark airport), I’ve been closely following Conan O’Brien’s ongoing feud with Newark, N.J. mayor Cory Booker. Have you? Judging by the ballooning ratings for that other late-night-host in the wake of his blackmail scandal, of course you haven’t. Allow me to recap: All the way back in September, Conan made a joke about Newark in his monologue. (Something about the latest public health initiative in Newark being…a bus ticket out of Newark. Funny stuff. Really!) Newark’s mayor Cory Booker — who’s featured in the Sundance Channel documentary series Brick City, premiering tonight — responded with a YouTube video calling Conan to the carpet and officially banning him from Newark Airport. Relations (and New Jersey jokes) degenerated from there. Conan responded by banning Booker from Burbank Airport; Booker slapped back with a blanket ban from the whole state of New Jersey; Conan established a separate treaty with the mayor of nearby Elizabeth, N.J.; and then, finally, banned Booker from California. Last night, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weighed in:

Will this latest diplomatic intervention bring a new era of peace and prosperity for Newark and The Tonight Show? Or are you too busy watching David Letterman to care?