The Gosselin saga continues -- Ratings drop for ''Jon and Kate Plus Eight'' as the couple's divorce turns acrimonious

When it comes to Jon and Kate Gosselin, it seems the he-said/she-said of their increasingly dirty divorce is getting more public attention than their TLC series. Jon & Kate Plus Eight has been averaging 1.6 million viewers over the past month — a huge drop from the 10.6 million who tuned in for their separation announcement in June. Production on the show is continuing, but without the Gosselins’ eight kids, who are arguably the main draw. (Jon filed a cease-and-desist letter to production crews on Sept. 29, the same day TLC announced that he was being phased out of the series.) Even so, TLC tells EW that they have enough previously shot material to take the show through mid-November.

Jon and Kate Plus 8
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