Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Jim and Pam from ''The Office,'' Jay Leno, and Diablo Cody

Feedback from our readers

A Reader Sees Double
Quick question for you: Was it intentional that you featured bizarrely similar pictures of Jim and Pam from The Office and John Lennon and Paul McCartney on recent covers? Their poses are almost identical.
Christie Baugher
Floyds Knobs, Ind.

Photography director Lisa Berman responds: Nope, it was not intentional, and we noticed the similarity as well. We had a feeling there might be one or two eagle-eyed readers who would catch the similar poses!

Model Couple
How can anyone help but smile when they see Jim and Pam smiling at them from the cover? The couple was the reason I stuck with The Office after its first season. But the ”resident Ross and Rachel” and ”will-they-won’t-they energy”? Please — give them more respect than that! While I too spent 10 seasons rooting for Ross and Rachel’s happily-ever-after on Friends, watching them screw up over and over again was tiresome. It’s refreshing to watch a functional couple progress without being used as an emotional hook to get viewers to keep coming back. While everything on The Office may not be true to life, Jim and Pam are about as real as it gets. Kudos to the writers for keeping them grounded in reality.
Joshua Beck

Cutest. Cover. Ever.
Kathleen Johnson
Charlotte, N.C.

There is no way you can write a box about the top 10 television weddings of all time without talking about Luke and Laura from General Hospital. The whole nation tuned in to watch their over-the-top nuptials, and it was a daytime show! And in case you’ve forgotten, Elizabeth Taylor was in the episode, and hello, that made it even better.
Kennis Dees
Palm Harbor, Fla.

Item for Review
Why did you choose not to review EW columnist Diablo Cody’s movie Jennifer’s Body? I noticed you placed its summary in your Also Playing section — but minus a grade. What gives?
David Belenky
West Hollywood, Calif.

Executive editor Jeff Giles responds: Our current policy is not to review works by our columnists or staff members, because of the obvious conflict-of-interest problem. We never review Stephen King’s novels, for instance. (They’re really good, by the way.) We alerted readers that the movie was opening, and since then, in our Critical Mass box, we’ve presented the grades that 10 critics around the country gave the movie — as well as the mark that EW readers gave it, a C+. And even though our readers didn’t get a review from Lisa or Owen, they got something no one else did: a funny and honest column by Cody herself about what it felt like to watch Jennifer’s Body belly flop at the box office.

  • Political Debate
  • I could not disagree more with Ken Tucker’s assessment that Leno is bland because of his ”assiduously apolitical” views (TV section). If I want political comedy, I’ll tune in to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or Glenn Beck. But really, how many times are we expected to chuckle about Pelosi’s Botox, Biden’s hair plugs, or Palin’s IQ? I appreciate Leno’s being apolitical. I like the fact that I don’t need to know his voting preference to enjoy his show.
  • Jill Pieta
  • Chandler, Ariz.

While I can’t disagree with Ken Tucker’s pan of The Jay Leno Show, I must say I miss the former King of Late Night. I can’t stomach Conan, so I now watch Letterman, but it’s not quite the fun party that Leno’s Tonight Show used to be as much as a visit with your Uncle Dave.
Bob Canning
Petaluma, Calif.