Yesterday, MTV released the trailer for their reality series with the recently deceased Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, Gone Too Far, which the network just announced they are going to air as planned beginning Monday at 10 p.m., despite the fact that precarious fact that he died of an accidental drug overdose himself less than two months ago. The series, as we here at EW previewed for you back in August after Goldstein died, is an eight-episode reality series that finds the DJ spending time with young addicts in an attempt to get them off their vices. You can view the trailer, which seems to only marginally exploit his death, here:

So, the question: Does this trailer make you want to watch? I’ve seen one episode, and I gotta be honest—I probably won’t watch any more than that. Not that what DJ AM did with this show wasn’t surely a good thing for those involved, but why must such a thing be on television? (I guess you could say that about a lot of things, though, like even my fave show The Real Housewives.) Maybe it does help other addicts out there to see how others pulled themselves out of their respective situations, but more than anything, it seems kind of embarrassing for the subjects. And maybe a tad exploitational? Why would anyone agree to have this part of their life filmed?

But, PopWatchers, what do you think about the show? Are you compelled by this trailer? Do you admire what DJ AM attempts to do with this series? Could this be a touchstone for addicts who are looking to sober up? Do you miss DJ AM in general?

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