The singing half of Hall & Oates on the pop duo's best recordings

The new boxed set from blue-eyed-soul smoothies Hall & Oates, Do What You Want, Be What You Are: The Music of Daryl Hall & John Oates, will make fans’ dreams come true (woo-ooh!) on Oct. 13. Below, Hall fills us in on his personal favorites.

”She’s Gone” (1974)
”It’s very autobiographical. What we wrote about was real, even though it was two different situations. And it’s very thematic with us: this soaring melody and uplifting chord progression, but about a very sad thing.”

”Sara Smile” (1976)
”That was a postcard to Sara Allen, who was my partner for many, many years, a ‘having a great time, wish you were here’ kind of thing. I cannot tell you how many girls have told me they were named for it! [Laughs]”

”Every Time You Go Away” (1980)
”Paul Young had a pop hit with it a few years after we released it. It’s just one of those songs. I feel very proud of its craftsmanship.”

”You Make My Dreams” (1980)
”It’s funny — it’s ubiquitous, especially now. I think because it’s such a happy song, just a pure expression of joy. And it’s set to a really old-time-gospel kind of groove. The fact that they use it in a pivotal scene in (500) Days of Summer…I’m very flattered.”

”One on One” (1982)
”I was on the road for so many years, living this very transient life. You’re everywhere and you’re nowhere, and your domestic life, your concept of home, becomes very special to an artist. This song sort of describes that.”