Lady Gaga, Craig Ferguson, and Sarah Palin's new book made pop culture news this week

· Lady Gaga reminds us how great musical performances can be on SNL
· Paranormal Activity expands to 40 cities. Bullseye is too scared to make joke.
· Kristin Chenoweth on Glee: wicked good. Letterman employee Craig Ferguson simultaneously defends and makes fun of Dave. Bravo.

· …and Lady Gaga reminds us how unfunny musicians can be on SNL.
· Pete Wentz ditches his guyliner and emo swoosh. Bullseye hasn’t said this for a while, but…well done, Ashlee.
· Are we the only ones having a hard time telling Prince from Rihanna?
· Politician Tom DeLay leaves Dancing With the Stars to spend more time with his family feet.
· Betty Draper’s Roman Holiday hair: Marge Simpson never looked so good.

· Sarah Palin’s book is a best-seller. Apparently the piles of copies are visible from Russia.
· Mariah Carey hits the town to promote her two big releases. Also she has a new album and a movie coming out.
· Ugly Betty: Guess she needed another week to perfect that makeover.
· Way to ”seize the day” with your timely references, How I Met Your Mother and Community.
· Jon bans TLC from filming his kids. Oh, now he thinks that’s a good idea?
· Would you like a Pickler with that hot dog?
· Lindsay Lohan: A self-tanner line? Sure. Parisian couture? H to the N.