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Hot Gossip: Which trio is having a threesome?
The CW’s Nov. 9 Gossip Girl episode will feature three characters having sex. At the same time. Though my Gossip mole has asked that I not ID the trio getting busy, I can confirm it is one of the following combos:

Chuck/Blair/Nate If it’s (more) gay viewers Gossip Girl wants, throwing a naked Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick in bed together should do the trick. Leighton Meester can watch.

Serena/Carter/Georgina Serena and Georgina’s dark past together probably included a drunken kiss, so throwing S’s current BF into the equation isn’t much of a leap. More of a skip, really.

Serena/Dan/Blair Am I the only one picking up on something between Dan and Blair? And since S and B do everything together…

Vanessa/Dan/Olivia Who better to help Dan and Vanessa make that tricky transition from friends to lovers than his current squeeze and her new roommate (played by Hilary Duff)?

Georgina/Dan/Olivia Imagine Georgina, still smarting from Dan’s rejection, slipping him and his new GF a roofie and then having her way with both of them. Wasn’t hard to do, was it?

Chuck/Blair/Dorota Blair’s been looking for a nonthreatening third party to fulfill Chuck’s carnal desires. Enter her long-suffering maidservant. The best part? She’ll happily clean up afterward!


Is Rachel Bilson the Mother?
Former O.C. star Rachel Bilson (above) has landed what How I Met Your Mother boss Craig Thomas calls a ”pivotal” role in the CBS sitcom’s 100th episode (airing Jan. 11). But Thomas stops short of outing her as Ted’s (Josh Radnor, inset) elusive baby-mama, acknowledging only that ”she plays a love interest for Ted, and it’s definitely a big moment in the series.” Okay, I’m going to need a little bit more than that. ”Ted meets her at the university,” Thomas elaborates. ”And we [already established] that that’s the world Ted will meet the mother in eventually. So make of that what you will.” Here’s what I make of that: You’d best not be jerking my chain!

J.J. Abrams spies NBC project
Don’t believe it when you hear that J.J. Abrams’ prospective NBC series is a ”spy drama.” ”The truth is, it’s more of a comedy with drama and action than a straight drama,” says the megaproducer of the currently untitled show, about marrieds who moonlight as secret agents. ”It’s certainly sweeter in tone and more fun than Alias was.” Abrams, who penned the pilot with his former Felicity colleague Josh Reims, adds that ”the fun of it for me is writing a couple that is already in love, not a couple where everyone’s like, ‘Will they or won’t they get together?’ They just simply adore each other. It was so crazy refreshing to write.”

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