As an Idoloonie, the fallow period from June-December has traditionally been a time for ennui, heartbreak, and disappointment. Year after year, we invest ourselves knee-deep in the hoopla (God help me for using that phrase) of taking back the power from short-sighted record labels and forcing them to sign artists who don’t need no stinkin’ autotune. After the confetti falls, though, even in the best of scenarios, we maybe get to witness one or two stops on the Idol summer tour, wallow in the realization that not all of our favorites are getting major-label deals (#signmattgiraud, bitches!), and then brace ourselves for the inevitable sad trombone of songs like Bo Bice’s “The Real Thing,” which have none of the verve or personality or power of the upstart singers we fell in love with on Fox’s ubiquitous talent search.

This year on Idol, however, runner-up Adam Lambert promised us that a change was gonna come. And it may just turn out the man was telling the truth. Indeed, hot on the heels of excellent singles from season 8 champ Kris Allen and third runner-up Allison Iraheta, a verrry brief snippet of Adam’s “Time for Miracles,” a cut from the upcoming 2012 soundtrack, is now streaming at UK, and it sounds like it has the potential to be a power-ballad smash. (For the record, a rep for Adam’s label says “Time for Miracles” won’t be the lead single from Adam’s forthcoming debut disc; a decision on which track they’ll ultimately choose will be made in the next couple of weeks.) UPDATE: A longer, “making of” clip is available via AOL — I’ve embedded it below — and it puts the “edible” in incredible…or somethin’ like that!

But getting back to the Amazon clip, it begins with an acoustic guitar line leading into the last line of a verse, with Adam declaring “So nothing can stop me from trying.” After that, the bombast kicks in — the kind of building, building, building, nod-your-head, power-chordian crescendo you’d expect from what’s rumored to be the closing-credits cut to the year’s big-budget apocalyptic disaster flick, starring John Cusack, Amanda Peet, and possibly the destruction of everything ever. Then we hear the start of the chorus — “Baby you know that maybe it’s time for miracles/ ‘Cause I ain’t givin’ up on love/ You know that maybe it’s time for miracles…” — which hints at what’s to come, but ultimately cuts off before Adam can really tear into the track with the kind of gale-force vocalizing his fans have been feverishly waiting to hear for weeks now. [UPDATE: Scratch that, peeps! The AOL “making of” snippet now embedded below gives us 86 seconds, with Adam-on-Adam layers that are destined to make my mother do something drastic. Mr. Lambert, if Polly Slezak approaches you and says she’s working on a feature for EW, she is telling a lie!] On the Adam Idol Scale ™, “Time for Miracles” sounds like it’s got a little “Mad World” falsetto, a little “Slow Ride” growl, and perhaps the scope and grandeur of “One.” I’m going to reserve saying anything more till the full track makes its way to the internet, but for now, go forth and check out the 29-second leak streaming at Amazon UK, press play on the embeddable 86-second version here, and vote in our poll below. Then you can share your snap-judgment review in the comments section below. Oh, and do follow me on Twitter to get all my Idol-centric updates @EWMichaelSlezak. Yes, folks, I Tweet, therefore I am. trying to hang on to my youthful relevance. Now I’m going to take a cleansing breath, exhale deeply, and then raise the first alcoholic beverage I can get my hands on that no part of the beloved Kradison troika has been saddled with “No Boundaries”-esque pablum. That, in and of itself, proves it’s a time for miracles, no?

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