Michael Scott, The Office (Steve Carell)

Jim and Pam are married! Leave your thoughts about The Office wedding here, P-Dubs, before checking back tomorrow morning for our longer recap. (UPDATE: Click here for Tanner Stransky’s complete Office wedding recap.) Would you have hired a professional to take the mental pictures? Was Oscar’s incredulous “Him? Him?” a shout-out to Arrested Development? What’s the deal with Smart Cars? DID YOU CRY? (I am crying.) So many questions!

***Really obvious reminder alert*** There will be SPOILERS in the comments section (and FYI, there are a few in this week’s Sound Bites video, embedded below), so click at your own risk. And if your lunch is especially pungent, maybe have it in the break room. That is all.

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Michael Scott, The Office (Steve Carell)
The Office

The mockumentary-style sitcom chronicles a group of typical office employees working 9-5 at the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

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