Last night, Stephen Colbert gave a “tip of the hat” to Conservapedia, a conservative reference website which wants users to identify “pro-liberal terms used in existing Bible translations.” Needless to say, Colbert agreed that said tome was too liberal. “After all, the Bible says Jesus fed the poor,” pointed out the faux pundit. “It should say, he fed the rich and let the loaves and fishes trickle down.” But the “best part”, according to Colbert, is that, because Conservapedia is user-edited, fans can “add” SC himself to the good book. “Nation, I want you to go to Conservapedia and make me a biblical figure!” he ordered his army of followers.

The response of Conservapedia was to post a “special message” to Colbert watchers suggesting they watch less television. Hey, what kind of thanks is that for being given a generous hat-tip?

Check out the clip below, and tell us if you think Colbert is a saint or a sinner.