According to today’s Variety, Sony is prepping to make a Venom flick — you remember, the bad guy Topher Grace (and a whole mess of CGI) played in Spider-Man 3 — to be written and directed by Seabiscuit‘s Gary Ross. I find myself wondering: What’s a worse idea, Venom or Elektra 2: Sai Anything?

Venom is popular in the pages of Spider-Man comics, and has been for years. But with Spider-Man 3 being universally criticized as the weak link in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, and Venom being a chief instrument of that lameness, I can’t help but puzzle at the wisdom of spinning off a whole movie based around a character audiences didn’t seem to care for in the first place. Of course, this will be a reboot, one that refashions Venom/Eddie Brock from the ground up, with a new actor (since Grace is heading to the jungle for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators). And Ross is a solid filmmaker, who must’ve wowed the Sony brass with his rewrite for Spider-Man 4 to put him in line for this gig — otherwise, how else to explain the leap from equestrian elegy to costumed fisticuffs? — but I’m just not feeling it.

I don’t care about who Eddie Brock was that made him so eager to give himself to a puddle of alien goop. I don’t care to see him refitted as the tragic hero — because that’s what’ll happen, as we’re in Hollywood, and they don’t make movies starring the villain. Yes, I know the key to a good Big Bad is that they have to believe they’re doing the right thing; that in their heads, they’re the hero of the story. Doesn’t mean I need to see that story. Can’t we just let bad guys be bad guys?

What do you think? Is Venom a good idea, a bad idea, or a bad idea you’d still be willing to pay to see?

Photo Credit: Ross: Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

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