Hey, I know you have a lot of TV to choose from tonight at 9 p.m., but would you do me a favor and DVR what I’m sure will be a great episode of The Office and, instead, watch Fringe tonight in real time?

Leonard Nimoy returns to Fringe tonight as William Bell, the scientist living in an alternate reality, his office located in a World Trade Center that was never destroyed. See if this rings your bell:

Tonight’s superb episode really jumps the series’ ongoing story forward:

• a major character dies

• Anna Torv’s Olivia is given a secret symbol by Nimoy’s Bell that is a key to discovering the identity of the shape-shifters hellbent on destroying “our” world

• guest star Theresa Russell takes a whole lot of LSD… all in the service of helping our heroes, of course

What else can I tell you to make you watch? You’ll find out the meaning of “The First Wave,” “The Last Great Storm,” and why, in Leonard Nimoy’s phrase, “Physics is a bitch.”

I swear, if you haven’t been watching Fringe, (a) you’ll still be able to follow tonight’s terrific hour, and (b) you’ll be missing the best serialized conspiracy drama since Lost and yes, I like FlashFoward as much as you do.

What do you think? Will you give Fringe a shot? I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss the episode with you. Thanks.