A former female Late Show intern who spoke to EW exclusively said that David Letterman was “a good boss” and that the latenight show was a “great place to work.” The woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she never saw any inappropriate behavior from Letterman toward female staff members. “Dave was pretty regimented in his work day,” the woman said of her three-month stint. “He came in late and then left later after the show. You never saw much of him.”

She continued, “I’ve talked to other former interns and we all discussed how loyal everyone is to Dave. Since I was an intern there, the staff turnover has been minimal. Every single person I worked with there is still there. Working there is a privilege, because it’s Dave out there every single night, and he’s the face of the show. Everyone wants to do their very best for him, whether they saw him on a daily basis. No one was harder on the show than Dave himself.”

Though the former intern was “disappointed” to hear about Letterman’s indiscretions with staff members (“You never want to hear about the skeletons in someone’s closet”), she said she wasn’t surprised by his decision to go public with the affairs. “It was keeping in line with who he is and how he’s handled many situations over the years, from his heart surgery to the birth of his child,” she said. ” He sees his show as a forum to air whatever is going on his life and whatever he’s feeling. It’s weird to say that a man who just admitted to having multiple affairs with employees has maintained some integrity, but I feel he has.”

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