Acclaimed early-20th-century composer George Gershwin’s estate has asked onetime Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson to try his hand at finishing some rare, unfinished Gershwin compositions. The completed songs—along with covers of Gershwin classics—will appear on the scruffy pop genius’s next solo album, to be released through a Walt Disney Records imprint.

“He had a gift for melody that nobody has ever equaled,” Wilson says of Gershwin. “The earliest music I remember hearing is ‘Rhapsody in Blue.’ Along with Irving Berlin, Gershwin basically invented the popular song.” Indeed; see below:

Following on the heels of this record will be another covers project — only this time the source material isn’t America’s greatest composer, but rather America’s richest mouse. Wilson plans on doing a covers album of classic Disney songs that he intends to “Brian-ize.” That record better include a version of “Under the Sea” with Beach Boys harmonies, or we’ll be very disappointed.

What do you think the Gershwin-Wilson album might sound like—“Rhapsody in Little Deuce Coupe?” “Oh Lady, Be Good Vibrations?” “God Only Knows I Got Rhythm?” Or should he call the whole thing off?

Which Gershwin and Disney tunes would you love to hear given the Wilson treatment?

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