Photos of Kim Cattrall in a wedding dress may have been just a way to throw nosy fans off the scent of the Sex and the City sequel. The latest rumor to emerge from the lock-tight SATC 2 shooting vault is that Anthony and Stanford will get married. (Unnamed insiders are credited with the scoop. EW’s request for comment from New Line went unanswered.)

But let’s indulge for a moment: If this story is, in fact, true, what a long way these two have come. To refresh your memory, Anthony and Stanford first met at Carrie’s fashion show debut, where the two were pretty much appalled by each other — Anthony, because Stanford wasn’t the Ed Harris lookalike Charlotte had promised, and Stanford, because Anthony skipped out before the end of the date. I know they reconciled over the seasons, but there needs to be some major romance before I’m buying that Charlotte and Carrie’s respective besties are so in love that they tie the knot.

To add some glitter to the mix, whispers indicate that Liza Minelli has signed on to be a part of the wedding and that the SATC team is now trying to get Barbra Streisand on board.

Can you say faaabulous? Do you like the idea of an Anthony-Stanford wedding? Sound off in the poll and in the comments!

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