Celebrity pet trend of the week — no, it’s not Jessica Simpson’s missing dog — it’s teacup-sized micro pigs! Mr. Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint, has one. These little piggies cost about $1,100 and weigh only 9 oz. at the time of birth. I already have visions of toting one around in a purse. But it seems they grow up to be 65 lbs. and can live 18 years. Not sure I have a purse that big. Still, it’s a lot smaller than George Clooney’s dearly departed Vietnamese potbellied pig Max, who weighed 300 lbs.

Still, after seeing out this photo at the Daily Mail’s website, I think these are the cutest pets I’ve seen since that cat drinking from the kitchen tap Who else wants one?

Photo Credit: Geoff Robinson Photography