Was at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles last night for the third of four local Pearl Jam shows. Intended to just kinda hang out, drink in the atmosphere, take down a set list, compare it to tonight’s show, and then write up a nice and articulate review of both. Then Chris Cornell and Jerry Cantrell showed up. Here is a YouTube video in which the former Soundgarden frontman joins Eddie Vedder for “Hunger Strike,” thus reforming the complete lineup of Andrew Wood/Mother Love Bone tribute band Temple of the Dog:

Skeptics will note that not only did Cornell hit the high notes, he probably could have hit them even harder. That was pretty dang awesome. Unfortunately, no one has yet produced video of Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell hopping on stage to close out the night with the guitar solo on “Alive,” and perhaps that’s just as well: Suddenly unoccupied, PJ guitarist Mike McCready gallivanted about the stage like the grunge fairy, flinging handfuls of picks to the admittedly floored crowd throughout the singalong number, and eventually ending up shirtless. Cantrell, for the record, effing killed the lick.

There is no way for the 15-year-old who lives inside me to articulately deal with being there for this, and its significance for all those who grew up under the spell of the early ’90s Seattle scene cannot be underestimated. Here were the survivors, together, remembering, for the first time in a looooong time, and giving those of us who lived it nearly two decades ago the chance to look back with love in our hearts… and hope for the future.

When Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Matt Cameron, Jerry Cantrell, and Chris Cornell took a bow arm in arm at the end of the show, it was the sort of rock n’ roll reunion you pray for as a fan, and, thankfully, it was executed with the sort of musical integrity that makes you glad you took the time in the first place.

Were you there, Mixers? What did you think?

UPDATE: Cantrell video after the jump!

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