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Updated October 07, 2009 at 04:19 PM EDT

True Blood

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We have decided it’s time True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard receive his own category on PopWatch. The criteria for such an honor has never been formally discussed at PopWatch HQ, but it seems to involve one of the following: We all decide that we like you, we really like you (see: C’mere, Jon Hamm, and Give Me a Kiss and Kris Allen Kills Us With Cuteness), that you are a mystery worthy of occasional probing (see: Zachary Quinto is Crazy/Beautiful and Mary Murphy is Insane), or that I need to own the fact that I get you more press than your publicist (see: ¡Gale Harold!).

Yesterday, we took to Twitter for suggestions on what we should name Skarsgard’s category. All nominees were appreciated (particularly that one that we could never print, @youbettago), but here are the finalists. Note: We are still open to write-ins in the comments section of this post (if they are as genius as Skarsgard Your Loins, which we’ve now added to the poll).

• Swexy Beast (submitted by @youbettago)

• The Need for Swede (submitted by @A_Redhead_Thing, and, incidentally, endorsed by @MelissadelaCruz, author of the best selling Blue Bloods series)

• The Swedish Delish (submitted by @NorthmanNet, who says some fans refer to him as that)

• The Viking (submitted by @SkarsgardFans)

• Pink Spandex (submitted by @jconfess, in honor of both Eric’s infamous outfit in Charlaine Harris’ Living Dead in Dallas and the socks that good-humored Skarsgard flashed at San Diego Comic-Con).

Vote in the poll after the jump! Follow me on Twitter @EWMandiBierly to find out the winner.

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