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Christmas has come early: Bravo has greenlit a version of its Real Housewives franchise in D.C. and revealed that, as expected, the table-flipping ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey would be back for a season 2. Both shows will premiere in 2010. Hallelujah!

I say that the announcement about the New Jersey ladies is expected because, well, those five crazy women — sisters Caroline and Dina, plus Danielle, Jacqueline, and Teresa — stirred up enough drama and memorable moments (for instance, the sound bite of the franchise from Teresa: “Prostitution whore!”) to become the highest-rated Real Housewives series ever. That’s in both demographics, drawing 1.9 million viewers in 18-49, and averaging 2.6 million total viewers. That’s not too shabby, but there’s competition: The Atlanta series, which is airing right now, is giving New Jersey a run for its money, also drawing huge ratings.

The news about D.C. getting a pick-up is interesting, yet curious. Bravo announced casting/development plans back in May, but I thought maybe producers would dig into the political metro and realize that no legit women would be interested. Or that there was interest but from all the wrong types.

D.C. is no New Jersey and, honestly, it’s no New York, Orange County, or Atlanta either. If you’ve ever been to D.C. — or, you know, followed politics at all — you know that our nation’s capitol has a different, more button-ed up vibe, than the other parts of the country the Real Housewives franchise has explored. But, really, I have no fear: Sources tell me that the casting reels for D.C. were larger-than-life and I believe in the power of Bravo. They’ll manage to find a gaggle of fame-craving ladies who’ll have no qualms about crashing a state dinner or what have you.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you anticipating more Real Housewives — especially in D.C.? What are you more excited about — the new series in D.C. or the prospect of more New Jersey drama?

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