Levi Johnston, of Sarah Palin’s grandbaby daddy fame, has showed up in a new ad for Wonderful Pistachios.

After viewing it a couple of times, I have four quick questions:

1) Are we to believe that people outside of Levi Johnston’s caribou hunting club (and perhaps Kathy Griffin’s fanbase) actually recognize him when he struts awkwardly down on the street, let alone yell out his name and hoot at him the way they do in this commercial?

2) Is Levi Johnston’s grasp for a 16th minute of mild fame helped or hurt by reminding us that he is from Alaska?

3) Who would win in a fight, Levi Johnston’s body guard (Tank Jones, who appears in this ad) or Sarah Palin after she sees an ad for nuts featuring Levi Johnston poking fun at the fact that he knocked up her daughter?

4) How is making me think of Levi Johnston’s potent sperm supposed to stir up an appetite for pistachios?

Whaddya think, PopWatchers? Does Levi inspire you to “Get Crackin'”?