Nancy Grace has never struck me as a paragon of common sense, but sometimes all that free-floating anger of hers can be used for the forces of good… or at least to force Jon Gosselin to stop babbling. Last night on The Insider, Grace was on the show’s panel of interrogators. As Gosselin and that goofy, useless lawyer of his we know from his Larry King Live appearance sat groping for words, Grace let loose:

I like the moment when he’s asked about his kids and Gosselin starts in with the “I know I was passive, I know I was an avoider” jargon he recently learned in therapy. Grace just shuts him down: “Why is this always about you? Why are we talking about you? You were asked about your children.”

Silence. Skin-crawling, blank-stare silence from Jon. Then: “I don’t know — I thought you needed insight.” No, I think the term he was looking for was that he needed a sound-bite, to match what Grace was throwing at him.

Nancy Grace is a bully, to be sure. But, man: How dumb do you have to be to go on The Insider up against a whole crew waiting to tear you apart? Jon, stop the madness… or at least hire Kate’s agent so that next time, you get booked on The Today Show.

Maybe you feel differently?