That was probably one of the biggest Gossip Girl episodes ever, both in terms of star power and hair. Clearly, this was shot before Tyra decided to start rockin’ her natural hair. That wig in her first scene was OUT OF CONTROL. My favorite moment was when she was pleading from the other room for Serena to help with her hair.

Last night was Hilary Duff’s GG debut and, while I’m not really a fan of hers, I thought she actually acquitted herself quite nicely. Or at least didn’t completely annoy me which is my standard Duff reaction. Although I can’t get behind anyone still rocking a fedora.

Also that movie, Fleur, looks like the biggest hot mess ever and I totally would love to see more of it. Tyra over-emoting. Hilary doing a French accent? That had more unintentional hilarity than Showgirls. Besides Banks and Duff, we also got some cameos by fashion designers Tory Burch (who ridiculously sat underneath a sign with her own name on it) and Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman.

I’m glad Blair is getting back to her plotting ways. And Chuck was so hot last night—it’s too bad they didn’t get to show us their “tutoring” session.

Serena and Rufus rehearsing her “I’m-not-going-to-Brown” speech was really cute. Even cuter was Serena’s entire wardrobe in this episode. My fave was that sequined, slouchy blouse she wore right before the premiere. Amazing. Does that come in a male version? Also, her premiere dress was total va-va-voom.

But Serena just doesn’t seem like a publicist to me; that job reeks of Blair Waldorf. So I’m not sure that’s the best future for her. I feel like she’d be good at like event planning.

Thankfully, Jenny Humphrey abandoned that whole plan for equality and fairness at Constance. I need Little J. to go back to being a Little Beast. It’s more fun that way.

Please stop with boring Scott and this story line! I need him to stay in Boston. But the dude looks to be showing up next week. Argh!!!! At least next week look’s juicy.

How hot did Kelly Rutherford look? Didn’t she just have a baby like a few months ago?

What did you think of Gossip Girl? What did you think of Hilary Duff? What job do you think Serena should have?

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