By Joseph Brannigan Lynch
October 06, 2009 at 06:14 PM EDT

Punk-poet Exene Cervenka—possessor one of the most wild, unrestrained voices of her generation, legendary co-lead vocalist for L.A. punk icons X—has turned her discordant yowl into a lilting, sweet Americana croon on her first solo album in over a decade.

On Somewhere Gone, Cervenka doesn’t come across as a punk rocker going soft—it’s apparent that she has an equal vocal affinity for gentle country-folk and a real love for the source material (one of the songs is a Carter Family classic).The rest are originals that wouldn’t sound out of place on an album from fellow country-folk revivalist Neko Case.

Cervenka’s comfort level with the sounds of Appalachia should come as no surprise: She’s been delving into the world of folk since X’s side project The Knitters began in 1982, and continued a fascination with country ditties throughout her solo career.

Somewhere Gone hits stores today, but since we love you and you love music, you can stream the full album below:

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