Credit: Mendes: Andrea Staccioli/; Har Mar: Langdon Augusto

The sci fi-suffused clip for Har Mar Superstar’s groovesome new single “Tall Boy” features a surprising cameo from movie star Eva Mendes, whose face is both bizarrely contorted in the video and blasted with glitter. What is the connection between the beautiful big screen star and the portly disco warrior? We called up the Hitch actress and asked her!

“I’m a big music fan, but the connection is that I met Har Mar about 5 years ago through the Strokes,” said Mendes, who appeared in the video for the New York rockers’ track, “The End Has No End.” “He knew them, and they introduced me to him. To be an artist, it’s important to be utterly fearless. He’s not someone who’s conventionally attractive by society’s standards. But he is utterly fearless, and I‘m so attracted to that. He called me to be in the video, and I said, ‘Yes.’ I love the single. It sounds like old Prince. It just makes me want to dance.”

The actress also revealed that the contorting of the Mendes visage which takes place in the clip was not the result of some post-production trickery “I was basically being blasted by a leaf blower,” she laughed.

Check out the video below. What do you think of the track? And of the other celebrity cameos? And are you excited for Har Mar’s album, Dark Touches, which is due out October 13?

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