Has anyone else noticed the link between those Ed Hardy T-shirts covered in biker tattoo curly-cues and garish graffiti and a certain brand of jackass who thinks he can buy his badass cred for $90 off the rack at Macy’s? Yeah, me too. And so have the fine purveyors of laugh-riot social commentary at funnyordie, who put together this inspired clip dissing the cult de Ed Hardy.

Dead on, right? To me, this is a brilliant mash-up of the best parts of old Ali G sketches and nitwits in Zoolander. I love how they capture the epidemic of knuckleheaded skankitude associated with these dorky shirts and the French playboy who designs them. I just feel embarrassed when I see people spending so much money to play dressup as a streetwise biker thug. I’m counting the days until Ed Hardy gear goes the way of the trucker cap. Anyone with me on this?