Now in week two of the Letterman controversy, talk-show hosts don’t seem to have much stomach for attacking Late Show host.

Last night, there were no Dave jokes from Jay Leno. No jabs from Jon Stewart. None from Conan O’Brien.

As I reported last night, Craig Ferguson devoted his “cold open” to the topic of his boss, Letterman. The first words out of his mouth? “I guess by now you’ve figured out how I got the job.” The Scottish-American rascal, turning the I-slept-with-the-boss cliche on its ear, kept the comedy turned inward. “If we are now holding late night talk show hosts to the same moral accountability as we hold politicians or clergyman – I’m out. I’m gone.” It was both the funniest and the smartest way to approach this.

Elsewhere on the media, Don Imus, from his new perch on the Fox Business Channel early in the morning, said today that Letterman is “a creep. He’s become the creep he’s been making fun of forever.”

At the same time, he also found common ground with other news-channel commentators such as Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann: “[Letterman] isn’t a serial killer,” acknowledged Imus. “People calling for his job — it’s absurd.” And in that area, Imus knows whereof he speaks.

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