The idea of introducing my 10-month-old niece, Coco, to the world of Toy Story and the concept that toys come alive when you leave the room is awesome. The idea of having to buy two Woodys — one for her to play with, one for her to keep pristine in the packaging — not so much. But John Lasseter, director of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, could get me to do just about anything. Watch the video after the jump in which he peddles the new Toy Story Definitive toy line, and see if your wallet doesn’t miraculously begin to open. It’s the story of the young boy holding a Woody the Cowboy doll at the airport, five days after the first film’s release. I can picture his face. I bet it’s similar to the look I get on the rare occasion that I’m buying a stuffed animal, and I insist on purchasing one from the back of the shelf because I’m convinced it thinks that no one will ever take it home.

Anyone else still secretly anthropomorphize toys or stuffed animals as an adult? Share. You’re among friends…