By Simon Vozick-Levinson
October 05, 2009 at 04:08 PM EDT
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How jealous was I when I learned that Thom Yorke had rounded up a brand-new live posse (featuring Flea, of all people) — and that its only bookings so far would be 3,000 miles away from me in L.A.? So jealous! At least non-Angeleno Radiohead freaks like myself have a little something to soothe our sorrow, now that reviews, pics, and footage of the Untitled Thom Yorke Band’s first two L.A. gigs this past Friday and Sunday (pictured) have begun to trickle out.

Stereogum and LA Weekly have kindly rounded up some of the best YouTube clips from Friday, when Yorke and crew played to a teensy club crowd of 600 (did I mention the jealousy?); Stereogum has video from Sunday’s larger show as well. The biggest news from both would have to be all the new songs that got debuted. Yes, you read that right: new songs, plural, with working titles like “Open the Floodgates,” “Judge, Jury, & Executioner,” “Skirting on the Surface,” and “Lotus Flower” (which might also be called “Moon Upon a Stick”). That last one, an eerie guitar ballad a la the great “Follow Me Around,” is my favorite at the moment, so I’m excited to hear Yorke say that he’s been working on it with Radiohead. Check it out:

Awesome new tunes aside, the main thing I’m noticing about these YouTube clips is what a blast Thom was having on stage. Just look at him jamming on “Harrowdown Hill,” from his 2006 solo set The Eraser, on Friday (below).

Dude is having fun up there! I admit I didn’t know quite what to expect when Yorke and Flea teamed up, but it all makes sense now that I’ve seen these clips.

Were any of you lucky enough to be at either of Yorke’s L.A. gigs, or are you going tonight? What did you think? Or are you enjoying these shows vicariously like me? Speak up in the comments!

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