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A new, beautiful Los Campesinos! song and video premiered today on the Welsh indie-pop group’s blog. The band says “There Are Listed Buildings” is the first single from their “forthcoming as yet untitled (as far as you know) album,” which will put them at three albums in about two years.

This single is a far more inviting than the last song they teased fans with—the spoken-word, avant-pop tune “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future”—and brings back the life-affirming marriage of punk energy and twee songcraft from their 2008 debut, Hold On Now, Youngster…

“There Are Listed Buildings” is an ode to romantic but pragmatic hedonism (“We are but two atheists in lust/We gotta make our own love”) with squealing guitars, a sing-along chorus, English major lyrics and a glockenspiel. The video is nearly as much fun as the song, boasting back flips, burglary, and a boy jumping into a pool with his office clothes on to carry off his girlfriend. What more could you want?