Kate Gosselin realized it had been hours since her face appeared on television, so she high-tailed it to the Today show this morning to make sure no one ever stops talking about her ever. She’s like the Lady Gaga of reality TV.

Jon doesn’t want to film! Kate does! “It’s paying my bills, providing us opportunities,” she says! He has gross earrings! Etc. etc. etc. forever and ever. Meredith Vieira, I expected more from you. Stop acting like this is a sympathy-inducing story.

Once upon a time, I thought a show about Jon and Kate’s divorce could be a good thing. Now I’m a lot less convinced: It turns out their separation and impending divorce are as manufactured and cold as the rest of their lives, and show or no show, it looks like we’re all getting a front-row seat to their nonsense.

At this point, I’m relieved their series has stopped filming, and I kind of hope it never resumes. Enough already, right? The show’s ratings have plummeted, fan sympathy has shifted from Jon to Kate to no one, and the show has become but a tiny cog in the Gosselins’ publicity machine.

My interest in the Jon and Kate saga is at an all-time low, PopWatchers. Where’s yours?

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