For me, the Seinfeld-reunion storyline dreamed up by Larry David — the man; the TV character — for Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the funniest, smartest ideas of the new season.

Seeing Jerry, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards each take command of his or her own scene with TV-Larry pitching them on a reunion resulted in shrewd acting all around. Each avoided any trace of their Seinfeld character-traits, yet came across as believable “real” people trying to figure out whether this reunion thing was a good idea. (In the Curb universe, everyone is always out for him- or herself.) I thought it was an especially nice touch to have Jason Alexander be the one to bad-mouth the infamously devisive (oh, I’ll just say it: goofy-verging-on-lousy) final episode of Seinfeld, and to see a reunion as a way for the older show to redeem itself.

If Curb had been really pushing it, I suppose mention should have been made of Michael Richards’ 2006 controversial rant. (Don’t you think TV-Larry, being the cynical fellow he is, would express some misgivings about this?) But who knows what David has up his sleeve for the rest of this story-arc? Perhaps I question him too soon regarding this particular matter…

In any case, I think it’s terrific that Meg Ryan is willing to play along in being Larry’s roadblock to casting Cheryl in the reunion — I buy that Ryan would think this is a good opportunity to show she still has some comedy chops after too many recent years of strenuous dramas.

All in all, a first-rate half-hour. What did you think?