Many OscarWatchers are of the mindset that this season’s mega-sized Best Picture race will allow for at least one “atypical” Oscar contender to make it into the mix. And certainly, while many of this year’s live-action narrative (i.e. “regular”) movies have been disappointing at best, there’s a wealth of animated, foreign-language, and documentary films that deserve consideration. It’s cool to imagine a Best Picture race made up entirely of eye-popping animated entries like Up, Ponyo, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox; gripping foreign dramas like The White Ribbon, Sin Nombre, and Broken Embraces; and ultra-entertaining documentaries like More Than A Game, Valentino: The Last Emperor, Tyson, and Anvil!: The Story of Anvil. But given the fact that these three genres already have their own categories, there will probably only be room for one or two of them. So does an animated, foreign, or documentary film have the best shot at making the cut? Will it be Pixar and no one else who makes it into the exclusive club? Or could we be in for a major surprise when the nominations are announced on Feb. 2?

Image credit: Disney/Pixar