While Zombieland seems clearly headed for a number one spot on this weekend’s box office, the other big story out of this weekend looks to be the continued dominance of 3-D movies: So far, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 double feature are firmly placed at number 2 and 3 respectively. In other words, what was once thought as a bygone fad from Hollywood’s golden age has become a certifiable force at the box office, and that’s before Avatar, James Cameron’s highly anticipated foray into 3-D filmmaking, steam-rolls its way into theaters this December. Yep, 3-D is here to stay.

And my boyfriend could not be less happy about it, because, put simply, 3-D just does not work for him. Sitting at a 3-D showing of Up last May, he even turned to me during one of the 3-D trailers and said, “I think maybe it’s just that my glasses are broken. Switch with me.” Suffice it to say, it wasn’t the glasses — while his eyes are aces at registering three dimensions in real life, 3-D movies look as flat to him as a sheet of paper. Or, as he puts it, “Ooo, look at the depth, everything is so deep, ooo, look at how deep everything looks, ooo, wow, thbbbbt.” (The “thbbbt” is him making that raspberry sound with his tongue, by the way.)

Which got me wondering, PopWatchers, is he the only one? Are there others of you out there with this unfortunate affliction? And for those who can make out the third “D” in 3-D movies, do you think it’s really all that to begin with?