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ABC has just released promo shots for the fourth season of Ugly Betty (premiering Oct. 9 Oct. 16, as of this afternoon), and, boy, do they look pretty or what? Looking at the photos, it doesn’t take a Henry-like genius to understand that this season will likely focus on blossoming. How else would you explain all the attention to butterflies? (Unless, of course, the show’s producers are trying to court a one Mariah Carey.)

But the biggest draw for the season: Betty’s long-awaited makeover. I’m glad the show didn’t go overboard on this one — girl still is sporting the red-framed glasses — but it’s only logical that Betty would have dropped the poncho after several years at Mode. (Now, if only they’d do something about those braces, if only for the sake of America Ferrara’s makeup artist.) But, folks, the real question here is: Are these shots enough to draw you into the show? Will Betty’s make-over convince you to set your DVRs? Sadly, even though the show has hardly dipped in quality throughout the years, Betty‘s ratings just aren’t what they used to be. And with ABC moving the series to a Friday death-slot, the once-beloved program seems poised for cancellation. But for the love of Judith Light, don’t let it be so!

Will you watch, fellow Betty fans? Or are you done with the show like Wilhelmina’s done with tunics?

Photo credit: Andrew Eccles/ABC

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