''Mister Ed: Season One,'' ''Bones: Season 4,'' and the complete ''Stargate Atlantis'' series are out now

Mister Ed: Season One (1961)
All due credit to Alan Young, who gamely attempted to act opposite a horse with peanut butter in its gums. The show is cheesy cuteness, with a commentary track to match.

Bones: Season 4 (2008-09)
Granted, this wasn’t the best season for Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel), but John Francis Daley shined as brilliant, put-upon Sweets, the Rodney Dangerfield of shrinks.

Medium: The Fifth Season (2008-09)
Allison’s (Patricia Arquette) brain tumor is the drama, but you’ll dig the guests (Anjelica Huston, Sam Trammell) and the kids — especially Bridgette (Maria Lark), who likes to draw her teacher…naked.

Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series Collection (2004-09)
A worthy follow-up to Stargate, and a great set for newbies, but at $155, fans who’ve been collecting all along may find it more economical just to add season 5.

Get Smart: Season 4 (1968-69)
The Love Boat‘s Bernie Kopell returns as Siegfried, Max’s (Don Adams) KAOS nemesis, and a nice distraction from Max and 99 (Barbara Feldon) making goo-goo eyes before their wedding.