In this fast-paced world, it takes a lot to get my attention. So here’s a memo to all ad-driven companies out there: Do you know what will always, and I mean always, grab my eye? Kittens. And not just kittens, but kittens…in pajamas…who are dreaming. So thank you, Sweet Millions, for releasing what has to be the cutest television spot of all time. Now, an admission: I have no idea what the commercial is trying to get across. Nor do I really know what Sweet Millions is, because as soon as I start watching this 30-second spot, I transform into a 6-year-old pigtailed little girl who’s squealing like she was just gifted a mini-pony. (Kidding. I know Sweet Millions is a lottery game, and this might be encouraging young kids to gamble, but I just feel more encouraged to buy 15 cats and dress them up!)

Are you also obsessed with the Sweet Millions ads? Do you feel bad that folks outside of New York can’t see it? And is it possible that this spot is more addictive than McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish ad?