The comedy's costume designer spills wardrobe secrets
30 Rock

What kind of Halloween would it be without a sexy cheerleader werewolf costume? Not Jenna Maroney’s kind, that’s for sure. Jane Krakowski’s vapid 30 Rock character is suiting up for a party full of ”gay guys and sexy girls,” costume designer Tom Broecker says. ”The whole idea of this episode [airing Oct. 29] is that sexy girls only go to gay parties, so Judah and the guys [from the TGS writing staff] are trying to crash it.” And that’s how the gay pirate came about (see above).

Broecker swears dressing 30 Rockers isn’t usually so nutty. ”It does look like a madcap time,” he says, ”but it’s not always like that.” Maybe it’s a matter of perspective: Broecker’s spent the last 12 years outfitting Saturday Night Live, where a one-legged girl or a bedazzled-jacket-obsessed Suze Orman (two favorites) is the norm. Though there is, still, the occasional chicken suit on 30 Rock — Krakowski originally wore it as a reference to an axed TGS skit. ”First I was like, no,” he says of donning it for our shoot. ”But then, here I am in the chicken outfit. I wouldn’t put on the head and I wouldn’t put on the feet.”

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