Annette Bening, Medea
Credit: Michael Lamont


”My husband is the vilest man alive,” Annette Bening’s Medea bellows in UCLA Live’s reinterpretation of the Euripides classic (playing at Freud Playhouse through Oct. 18). As a sorceress seeking vengeance on her two-timing husband Jason (Braveheart‘s wonderful Angus Macfadyen), the 51-year-old actress has never looked and sounded better. She boasts marvelously toned arms and a thunderous, intimidating alto (”he pants for the throne,” she growls of the status-seeking cad who’s about to marry a princess). Regrettably, Lenka Udovicki’s modern staging of the heart-wrenching tale is not nearly as invigorating as its killer star; the L.A.-based director incorporates a Berlin Wall-like barrier to isolate the murderous Medea, and employs an all-gal Greek chorus that dashes about the stage in tight suits and red bras. Huh? B-

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