John Lithgow, ''Ally McBeal,'' and the new ''Nightmare on Elm Street'' made pop culture news this week

· John Lithgow on Dexter. So creepy. And so naked.
· New Nightmare on Elm Street trailer. So creepy, but thankfully not naked.
· Charles Darwin attempts comeback: feuds with Kirk Cameron, stars in new PBS film. Chuck, next time pick on a bigger celeb and try a little Botox.
· Ally McBeal takes seven years to come out on DVD…but the set is good. Bygones!
· The surprise cameo in Zombieland
· George Takei and his partner are the first gay couple to appear on The Newlywed Show. ”Making whoopee” joins ”fabulous” in gay lexicon.

· Britney’s new mége-à-trois single ”3”: Press play. Repeat. Ignore weird, unfortunately timed reference to Peter, Paul and Mary.
· In a desperate play for Bullseye’s attention, Teri Hatcher hosts a garage sale. It works.
· The Kardashian Konundrum: We haven’t been this confused about which sister is which since Mary-Kate and Ashley.
· Great Moments in Wildlife, Part 1: the Bear neighbors on The Cleveland Show
· Great Moments in Wildlife, Part 2: Mel Gibson and his beaver puppet

· Freaky baby news: One woman gives birth to 19.2-pound baby (ouch) and another gets pregnant two weeks after…getting pregnant.
· Barbie to become live-action film. We knew someone would eventually find a way to bring Jessica Simpson to life!
· Hey, SNL, Michaela Watkins would never have effed up like that.
· Adam Lambert: Not a vampire, despite what his new album cover will make you think.
· TLC dumps Jon Gosselin. Only nine more to go! · Unwarranted Mad Men backlash