EW's TV scooper on ''Desperate Housewives,'' ''Supernatural,'' and ''Breaking Bad''

Housewives stages a sweeps catastrophe
That noise you hear is the sound of property values plummeting on Wisteria Lane. This November on Desperate Housewives, the most dangerous street in America will be the site of yet another calamity, this time a neighborhood plane crash.

”It’s going to be my cliff-hanger for the first half of the season,” series creator Marc Cherry says of the tragedy, which, he adds, will ”affect everyone’s lives.”

Since the story is still in the planning stages, many of the biggest details — including who’ll be on board the small aircraft and who’ll be in its path — are still, ahem, up in the air. But this much Cherry knows for sure: The catastrophe will not claim the life of a Housewife. ”I’d love to kill somebody ’cause that’s just what I do,” he laughs. ”But the truth is, right now I don’t have anyone major dying.”

In other Housewives news, actress-comedian Kathy Najimy is set to guest-star in an upcoming episode as a police officer who shares a past with Susan. ”Susan suspects Katherine was the one who attacked Julie, so she gets [a cop] to help her,” Cherry explains. ”But then she finds out the policewoman went to high school with her — and Susan stole her boyfriend, too! So [Najimy] has been going around the past 30 years resenting her.”

Sounds like Cherry may have just found his pilot.


Paris Hilton on Supernatural
It stands to reason that a Supernatural season built around a looming apocalypse would feature a guest turn by Paris Hilton. But series creator Eric Kripke says the casting stunt (airing this week) doesn’t herald the end of the world as we know it. ”I don’t think we’re gassing up the motorcycle to jump the shark yet,” insists the exec, who says he approached the hotel heiress to play ”a monster who takes the form of Paris Hilton…. It’s a fun, irreverent episode about modern celebrity. The fact that she was game to play the part speaks volumes about her sense of humor.” Meanwhile…OMG, the sky is falling!


Breaking Bad shocker
The jig is up for Bryan Cranston’s suburban meth-matician in season 3 of AMC’s Breaking Bad. ”My wife [played by Anna Gunn] finds out that I’m a drug dealer,” reveals two-time Emmy winner Cranston, ”and everything he worked for could come crumbling down.”

A BonesLie to Me crossover?
Fox is thinking of staging a crossover that would find Brennan and Booth (David Boreanaz, above left) from Bones working with Lie to Me doc Lightman (Tim Roth, above). Bones boss Hart Hanson is all for it. ”We are complete promo whores,” he says. ”We’ll do anything to get the network to promo our show.”

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