Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker, ...

This week, Entertainment Weekly goes behind the scenes to bring you a bevy of exclusive photos of your favorite stars at work on the set. From Tina Fey and Steve Carell taking over Times Square, to Jennifer Aniston enjoying an all-night ride on a New York City Subway, to director Peter Jackson frolicking with an umbrella, we’ve got an incredible collection of candid shots. And that’s not all you’ll discover! We also raid the Mad Men prop closet to find out how and where they score all that vintage set dressing. We survey the finest in geek chic with a tour of Leonard and Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory living room. And we sneak a photographer into Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch to see how the stars of The Office really spend their down time. You think we’re done — but we’re not! Our new issue also celebrates the 70th anniversary of film’s greatest year — 1939 — with a tribute from critic Lisa Schwarzbaum in addition to rare behind-the-scenes shots of classic movies like The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Music? You want music? We have photographer Kevin Mazur (who has shot every important music event of the year) sharing stories on some of his favorite pictures of the year, including ones from President Obama’s Inaugural Concert, the Grammys, and Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour.

But we’ve saved the best for first, as the entire package leads off with a ridiculously delightful Q&A with Did You Hear About the Morgans? stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant. During the candid chat, Grant explains his affection for his co-star, in his own unique way: “I’m very proud of liking her because I don’t like anyone. I’m also very proud of respecting her because there are very few people I respect. In New Mexico [where they were filming Morgans] I would watch Sex and the City every night and call her and say, ‘I love this episode!'” Speaking of Sex and the City, Parker laments all the extra attention that the paparazzi brings to every SATC shoot: “It drives me crazy. It’s just very hard to get a day’s work done and concentrate. But, you know, what are you gonna do?” Parker and Grant also reveal that when not shooting film on Morgans, the cast and crew were shooting something else — toy guns, in a friendly game of Assassin. Explains Parker: “You were given a Polaroid of the person you’re meant to kill and when you kill them you get the Polaroid of their intended victim. The first day at lunch Hugh killed three people within the first 10 minutes. And then I think you were killed.” Grant: “Yes, I was. It was an orgy of blood. She was killed by a [crew member] who used to be special ops in Afghanistan.”

For more with Parker and Grant, and to see candid shots of all your favorite stars on the set, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, September 25. For more On The Set photos and videos, click here.