Matt LeBlanc is getting a new show? Get thee behind me, thoughts of Joey! The Showtime project, created by David Crane and Jeffry Klarik, follows “a British couple whose hit UK show is turned into a dumbed-down American sitcom starring LeBlanc (as himself).” I…am optimistic, particularly because this has been an otherwise solid week for Friends alums.

First, I’m loving Cougar Town almost as much as Slezak is — Courteney Cox is great in it, and totally not Monica, which is both good (the show needs it) and bad (I loved Monica). Second, Lisa Kudrow sang “Smelly Cat” at a charity function a few days ago per fan request, which is extremely cute.

Past that, though, this actually does sound funny. A send-up of Britcoms, the Americanization of shows, and crappy television? In my head, this is a hybrid of Extras and Grosse Pointe, and it is my TV boyfriend.

Are you sharing my enthusiasm, PopWatchers, or would you prefer just to watch Friends in syndication?