Madonna’s return to The Late Show with David Letterman last night was like two old foes who’ve decided that at this stage of their careers, they get more mileage out of kidding each other than fighting.

But the segment did have its share of moments of Madonna and Dave at their Madge-iest and Dave-iest, respectively. When Letterman asked her if she’d ever marry again, Madonna said, “I’d rather get run over by a train.” She also said her daughter Lourdes was “trouble,” an only half-joking reference to the moodiness and rebellion of adolescence.

When Madonna asked Dave about what he’ll do when his son Harry becomes a teen, Dave said cheerily, “By that time, with any luck, I’ll be dead.”

Madonna feigned shock at that, but you could tell it appealed to her waspish sense of humor.

Then there was the fine let’s-get-Madonna-some-pizza stunt. Doesn’t it seem like ages since Dave has left the studio for a segment like this?:

The most unbelievable moment? When Madonna said, taking a dainty bite of pizza as though snacking on poison, “I have never gone to a New York pizzeria before.” Yeah, right: I’m sure there were a lot of nights in the ’70s when, as a destitute disco dolly, Madonna chomped down on a slice or two on a cold winter’s night in Greenwich Village…

Did you watch Madonna on Letterman?