The lawsuit filed by Jon Gosselin to halt any taping of Kate Plus Eight in the Pennsylvania house he shares with his estranged wife is one of those good/bad puzzlers. Namely:

1. Good: If production is halted and the cameras removed from the home, will this (as so many of you readers have commented here) help the mental welfare of the couple’s eight children?

2. Bad: The timing of this, like everything Jon has done in recent months, just seems all wrong. It was okay to be filming as long as Jon had financial gain from TLC, but now all of a sudden it’s “not in the best interest of the children’s welfare,” in the words of the lawsuit? Come off it, Jon…

Jon and Kate Gosselin: Their very lives have become a reality show that never goes off the air.

What do you think — is shutting down the filming of the show a boon to the children no matter what the motive, or will this just further the chaos the adult Gosselins bring upon themselves and their family?

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