Trying to press John Cho to reveal the secrets of ABC’s FlashForward seems to be like asking Sarah Palin what newspapers she reads. He is extremely evasive about the show’s mysteries: “That’s all I can say…I cannot reveal that to you…You will soon know.”

So, what can Cho tell us? The second episode (airing tonight and repeating Friday), “White to Play,” is about a trip to Utah his character Demetri Noh takes with Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) to investigate a clue from Mark’s flash. “A very interesting character is introduced,” Cho says.

Pressed on whether the show will give us some answers soon, he says, “the clues start to trickle in. I know this: we’re going to the date of the flash forward by the end of the season. I don’t know if all the questions will be answered.”

The cast is shooting episode nine now, and Cho says he’s only allowed to read one script ahead, so he’s got some questions remaining himself. Will engaged Demetri tie the knot? Cho – of course – won’t tell us but does say “I can tell you that the fiancé is played by David Hasselhoff.” Sadly, we don’t think that’s a real spoiler.

Demetri saw nothing during the global blackout. So does that mean he’s dead or dreaming or something else? Cho isn’t telling (are you seeing a pattern yet?) but he does enjoy the character’s mysterires. “I thought it put him in a very interesting position. I was intrigued to read the script so I thought the audience would be intrigued.”

Intriguing, yes…but I’m ready for a fast forward of my own so I know what’s going on!

PopWatchers, any theories to explain why Demetri saw nothing?

Photo Credit: Ron Tom/ABC