FlashForward moved its plot along pretty nicely in its second edition on Thursday night. We met Lloyd Simcoe, the man Olivia saw in her flash-forward and with whom she fears she’ll have an affair. We learned a teeny bit more about “Suspect Zero,” the mysterious figure in the Detroit stadium who moved around while everyone else in the world blacked out for two minutes, 17 seconds. (I guess we have to say “maybe everyone else,” since we were told a phone call was placed to this fellow during the black-out period.)

We started to get a feel for the tone of FastForward: mostly ominous and earnest, with moments of bleak humor. (When Mark’s boss revealed he was sitting on a toilet during his flash-forward, and rescued a co-worker who was drowning face-down in a urinal, did you laugh or wince?)

Still, I feel as though the show has to pull back and place this event in a larger context. Wouldn’t, for example, law enforcement worldwide be in contact with each other, and we’d see more than just the “Mosaic Collective” and bespectacled Janis Hawk plowing through hundreds of thousands of postings? The series is getting a tad bogged down in the mixed feelings Mark has of Olivia’s remembered scenario, even as he himself is keeping secret from her a memory that has the recovering alcoholic drinking again.

But such quibbles are minor for me, so far. The trip Mark and Demetri Noh took to Utah to follow a lead was crisply exciting. I like Joseph Fiennes’ understated performance, and the multi-faceted premise of the show remains intriguing: part-mystery, part-metaphor for a terrorist attack, part-adventure with guns blazing.

What was your reaction to this week’s FlashForward?