Ever had dinner with Neil Patrick Harris? Well, maybe not at the same table but at least in the same vicinity? Even spotting B-listers at D-list restaurants is tremendously exciting — a friend loved seeing Dianne Wiest eating a chicken sandwich at Ranch 1 a few years ago. Now OpenTable is revealing the 10 best celebrity-spotting restaurants, from New York’s ‘21’ Club to Washington, D.C.’s Blue Duck Tavern. My best personal sighting was Elvis Costello in New York’s dearly departed Florent. But I had a friend in L.A. who was too distracted to even feed himself when he saw Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at a nearby table. What about you, PopWatchers, any good celeb spottings to dine out on? And yes, a gas station serving Cheetos to Britney counts.