In an interview broadcast on Good Morning America, Chynna Phillips has again discussed the claim by sister Mackenzie in the book High on Arrival that she conducted an incestuous relationship with their father John Phillips. The singer said that Mackenzie informed her about the relationship thirteen years ago. “She told me about the incest, and, well, it was one of those things where I just completely shut down emotionally,” Phillips recalled. “I didn’t know how to process the feelings. I still don’t. I cannot say that everything is just as it is written in the book, because she, admittedly, was on drugs, so there’s no way for me to corroborate.”

Somewhat awkwardly, Chynna also promoted her new album, One Reason, which was released almost simultaneously with Mackenzie’s book. At one point in interview she sang part of a track called “Eye For An Eye” in response to a question about her mother’s claim that she has every reason to believe the incestuous relationship did not happen.

During the interview Chynna was asked about the fact that the controversy seems to have provoked an increase in the number of people coming forward about their own histories of being sexually abused. “Obviously, Jesus had a plan for this” the singer replied.

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